What are the Best Materials For Repiping My Home?

Repiping being one of the most important things to do in your house, it is the largest plumbing job your house requires. The plumbing system of an older house could be of; galvanized steel or even iron pipes. These material are prone to rusting over time hence, require to be replaced. There are multiple choices of the kind of material to be used in repiping a house; always ensure you go for the Best Materials for Repiping.

Best Materials for Repiping

When it comes to repiping a whole house, plumbers can combine different piping material for the repiping. Such materials create a new plumbing system that can serve well; and for a longer time before it is replaced. Experienced plumbers are to determine the right combination of the plumbing materials. This is because, they are well aware of the pros and cons of the different pipes materials.

Best Materials for Repiping

The following are some of the best material to be used for re-plumbing, they include;

  • CPVC: The plumbing system uses many types of plastic piping. The chlorinated polyvinyl chloride being the most common. This is due to the fact that; the CPVC is a stronger polymer than the standard PVC pipes. It is able to withstand high temperatures thus making it ideal for hot water.
  • COPPER: This is the most used metal in plumbing today. This is due to its corrosion resistance therefore; it gives service for a longer period. It is more flexible and lighter than steel hence, making it unlikely to break when under pressure.
  • PEX: The cross-linked polyethylene pipes are the latest plastic to enter the plumbing field. They are an alternative to the CPVC pipes. They are easy to install into tight places due to their high flexibility. PEX can last longer than the CPVC and it is less pricey than copper. It has less heat loss as a result it is more energy efficient