Copper Repiping

is the “gold standard” for domestic water systems. Traditionally used, expensive, fussy, all metal fittings usually sweated and meets all codes. If properly installed may also serve as a central household electrical ground under some codes. Copper may be rigid or soft, comes in several grades (M,L,K and more), and fittings may be copper or brass. There are isolation fittings (break the electrical continuity in a run of pipe) for special applications. Copper pipe has the highest pressure and temperature ratings of all normal-use domestic water pipe options. Copper is also prone to freezing and does not like to be bent once installed. Copper is also UV, cold, and heat resistant, and may be direct- buried if the proper grade.

What is it ?

Copper repiping is a process of refitting existing pipes in a dwelling or business. Most structures built 25 or more years ago were fitted with iron pipes coated with zinc, normally called galvanized pipes. As the galvanized pipes age, the zinc lining tends to erode allowing rust to form. Once galvanized pipes begin to deteriorate, they need to be replaced. Most people prefer to replace galvanized pipes with copper pipes, in a process referred to as copper repiping.

Process For Installing Copper Repiping

Copper Repiping
Copper Repiping
Copper Repiping

Project Examples



Complete One Bathroom Home with Copper Type “L” Repipe (Includes a permit, drywall, and inspection)

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